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Inclusion and Diversity are core American values.   In college, having students feel included and understood has many benefits outside of just making friends.  

Join Sam as she walks you through underlying perceptions within the Muslim community that if you knew would give you an edge – allowing you to feel empowered and less fearful of your Muslim neighbors.  In addition to sharing valuable historic and cultural information, Ms. Mak will answer your frank questions and provide you with a Muslim perspective.  Ms. Mak is noted for her engaging and candid training on Bridging the gap between Muslims and America.

Sam Mak, an American of Muslim descent and an experienced diversity and multicultural trainer and facilitator.  She has experience life as an American Muslim from being bused in grade school to attending private Catholic high school, and working as an entrepreneur.  She candidly walks you through key basic information that everyone interacting with Muslims or watching the news must know – especially if you are an American. 

 According to the FBI data complied by Princeton University’s Loon Watch, Islamist extremists were responsible for just 6 percent of terrorist attacks between 1980 and 2005 — falling behind Latino groups, Extreme left-wing groups, and Jewish extremists.  The perception of Islam in the US is based of a few political acts and not on the actual faith.  Our world has become smaller and in business it is imperative to be able to work with different religions, cultures, and thought processes.

Ms. Mak specializes in information about Muslim perceptions of the United States; Sam is well versed in the history of the region, politics of competing factions, religion, culture, and most importantly their perceptions of you and how they may impact you.  You may be surprised by how much there is in common between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.